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Angular with jQuery plugin

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AngularJS Behaviors

JS Bin on

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Better D3 Charts with TDD

Google Hangout:

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Developer Toolbox – 20150723

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vi Commands – Moving the Cursor

j or <Return>
[or down-arrow]
move cursor down one line
k [or up-arrow] move cursor up one line
h or <Backspace>
[or left-arrow]
move cursor left one character
l or <Space>
[or right-arrow]
move cursor right one character
0 (zero) move cursor to start of current line (the one with the cursor)
$ move cursor to end of current line
w move cursor to beginning of next word
b move cursor back to beginning of preceding word
:0<Return> or 1G move cursor to first line in file
:n<Return> or nG move cursor to line n
:$<Return> or G move cursor to last line in file
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Vim … commands in a day.

That’s it!  I am sick of goggling Vim commands.  Today I am starting my journey into committing them to memory and my blog or course – lol.  Every time I feel the need to google commands I will post them to my blog and use them all day.  Yes!  Makes perfect sense.  At least to me…

Today’s commands

Line numbering:

Turn on using – :set number
Where I am in what file – Ctrl + g
Goto a line number – #G

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Mouseflow: watch visitors interact with your website


Mouseflow is an amazing service that makes it easy for you to capture all mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, keystrokes, and form fills on your website.  This takes the guesswork out of analytics by recording live video of your website visitors interaction with your website.

Check out Mouseflow now.

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Video: Installing Drupal 7 in less than 2 Minutes using Drush 5

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How to run Android apps without an emulator.

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