Adobe Creative Cloud – The best thing since ice cream!

For years I have wanted to buy Adobe’s Creative Suite Master Collection but could never seem to get up the  courage to spend $2600.  Now with the Creative Cloud offering of $49.99 a month it is irresistible.  $74.99 a month if you want to forgo making a one year commitment.  One of the many great things about the Creative Cloud is that is has everything that CS6 Master Collection has and more.

What’s with the name?

Yeah that threw me off too.  I was thinking that Adobe finally has gone where no one has gone before and made their apps cloud based.  But not so.  The Cloud naming convention refers to the ability to:

  • Validate downloaded Adobe apps via the web thereby allowing you to use them as long as your subscription is up to date
  • Sync content from various apps and devices via the web
  • Other stuff described here..

Should I buy in?

This question goes without asking.  Gotta do it.  The professional designer inside of me is screaming at my developer side saying “Hey we can both use these! Get with the program bro.”

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